Ron Paul and the Inflation Tax

Only Republican Ron Paul has a sensible idea about America's biggest problems and their dire consequences (hint: not terrorism). Ron Paul does not hesitate to point out that the combination of unrestrained Congressional spending, coupled with a monetary policy that essentially prints money to cover this spending, results in inflation, or the devaluation of the money you're trying to save. Or as he is more fond of putting it, inflation is a hidden tax.

Ron Paul, despite his party affiliation, did not vote for the illegal war in Iraq currently being undertaken at the behest of the executive branch. He believes in the end of the welfare state, in fencing the Mexican border, and of course, reasonable fiscal policy.

You will not find this in any other Democratic or Republican candidate for the 2008 Presidency, so it is no wonder he has so much grassroots support. If you have not heard about him yet, perhaps it is time.